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Ready to make your brand an extension of yourself?

Let your branding highlight how exceptional you are and achieve serenity and motivation on a daily basis.

(... and win your freedom back 🕊! )


It is time for your big reveal

Let everyone see what entrepreneurship looks like for YOU, YOUR vision for YOUR business. Build up YOUR results with a 100% tailor-made action plan, created according to

YOUR rules.


There are the "It" Bags, the "It" Girls, it's time to make way for "It" Brands!


It Brand


An ‘IT’ Brand is a label with a STRONG PERSONALITY, SUPREME style,  ECLIPSING its competitors, and CONVINCING at first glance.

It is defined by its commitment, its expertise within its industry, and its attraction for customers with similar values, ready to pay a premium price for quality products / services.

A 2 Act approach :


your NewStyle


your NewLook


After discovering your New Style, we create the accessories you need for you and your brand to become unforgettable.

For your New Look, 3 experts team up to bring you the copy, the visuals, and the tools you need to boost your business.

To reveal what makes your business extraordinary, our first step is to pinpoint what makes it so peculiar. Whatever your project, we shed light on your uniqueness and assert it to accomplish your goals.

This is the key to reaching the lifestyle you aspire.

Feeling ready to chat about your project?

Chat with Marjorie.

During a 15 min call,  it's free and gratuit and no purchase obligation

Attention !

starting at 1200€*
starting at 4200€*

*includes the price of your New Style

Euphoric side effects can develop from acquiring your ‘IT’ Brand!

Stand out from your competition and shine as an expert in your industry

As you feature clearly your values, you attract your ideal customer

Work less, while continuing to grow your business

Say 'Au Revoir to your impostor syndrome, and the doubts that cripple you

Reach your goals and make your business sustainable for the long-term 

Plant Shadow

As a result, you:

Gain access to the lifestyle of your dream

Establish a balance between professional and personal life without sacrificing your ambitions

Rediscover your excitement from the early days of your entrepreneurial adventure

Boost your serenity and make time for what's really important

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