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your New Style

You have the power to influence, serve, solve the problems of your community.

The world doesn't see or listen to you properly? You don’t feel recognized for your actual value?

Maison VEIA experts are here to help you find out why and how to fix it. 

To guide you 

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coach & Humain Design guide

I support women who wish to know themselves better, understand who they are, meet their authentic selves, and live an aligned and fulfilled life.

Their feedback: they finally comprehend their own operating system through Human Design (a bit like a personalized manual). As such, it gives them the permission they need to be and fully accept who they are.

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Creative director specialized in branding

I have chosen to dedicate my time to supporting very small businesses. Specializing in brand strategy, I have assisted many entrepreneurs in achieving their goals in France and abroad.


By selecting Maison VEIA, my clients take the next step in their business and in their lives.

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Interested to discuss your project?

Schedule a meeting with Marjorie.

15 min call, free and with no purchase obligation

In just 1 week,

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we assess your situation, determine what sets you apart from your competition, give you advise so you can overtake your industry, and define a list of your needs to achieve your goals.

We put our mind together to define your new entrepreneurial style in line with your business and your aspirations for the future.

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We infuse it with the most important element: YOUR singularity as a female business owner and give your strategy a unique style.

We use Human Design and dedicated exercises, to deliver your Style Book defining: :

  • Your unique positioning, 

  • Our recommandation to shine brighter

  • The details to your next steps


* Price if bought alone.

Mandatory step before working on your Brand's New Look 

Payment plans possible in 2 or 3 payments


The price:

Includes :

2 work sessions, 

Definition and description of your Human Design profile

The creation of your own Style Book 

as a bonus

1 month free access to Maison Veia's Salon

to share the day-to-day life of other women business owners

One more work session with Marjorie, 

one month after the delivery of your Style book,

to clarify anything you need

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Are you convinced you should get a new style?