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the Luxury of being Yourself

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At Maison Veia, we know that branding is not just about pretty visuals, but a true extension of who you are as an entrepreneur. Being a business owner is not just a job, but a choice. So we imagined the branding process differently, for YOU.


  • You with the numerous responsibilities on your shoulders,

  • You who has difficulty finding the proper balance between professional and personal life,

  • You who dream of independence, fulfillment, and accomplishment,

  • You who wish to reveal to the world the strong and powerful woman that you are, but need support to do so.


For all of you, we have made the creation of your branding an exclusive and tailor-made experience, so you can be YOURSELF in all circumstances.


We assist you in fully embodying your brand, through breaking free of codes, to become imminent, shining bright!

To work with us :


The opportunity to imagine your tailor-made brand, as you are guided by our 4 experts in 4 different fields : Branding,  Human Design, Copywritting, Business management.


Take a tour of our catalog and find the ready to use brand identity for your business and yourself.

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