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The luxury of being yourself

That’s what I’ve always wanted: freedom. Total, uncompromising, without pretense, freedom.


Fashion and marketing are part of my DNA. I have over 10 years of experience working for major international brands (LVMH, Carrefour, Dairy Farm, Adeo Group, etc.) and a few years at the head of my first business. I want to merge the two to dedicate my time to extraordinary businesswomen.


Maison Veia was founded in 2020 with the ambition to become the first Creative House for a solid and ambitious brand universe. Tired of seeing branding projects treated in an industrial way, I have always been convinced there was another path by doing things differently.


With Maison Veia, I want to do things my way, imagining an exceptionally creative experience where every entrepreneur can be herself, without limits, injunction, nor restriction. A new perspective to an everyday conundrum.

Treated Silk

"Luxury is the freedom of the mind, independence, in short the politically incorrect."

-Karl Lagerfeld

Our concept? Initiator to the extraordinary and, brand universe tailors 

Our mission? Assist women in the discovery and, eternalize their branding.

Our specialty?  The mastery of marketing and creative concepts blended with a strong interest for self-development tools.

Behind the curtains


I have been working as a creative for over 10 years. After a first experience in Shanghai (China) serving large groups (Carrefour, LVMH, Adéo, DairyFarm ...) through international project management, since 2015, I have chosen to dedicate my time to supporting very small businesses. Specializing in brand strategy, I have assisted many entrepreneurs in achieving their goals in France and abroad.


By selecting Maison VEIA, my clients take the next step in their business and in their lives.


My name is Marjorie Vigneron; I'm a founder wishing to embody her brand fully. I decided to specialize in supporting brilliant women after rediscovering the history of my family.


As the oldest of a sorority of 4, I have come to know the power/potential of women. And because they don't have the place they deserve, through Maison Veia, I want to help them reveal themselves and shine as they should.


To work with you, I surround myself with the best

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Coach & Human Design guide


After a classic educational path, I graduated as an Engineer in Telecommunications. A burnout later, I chose to reorient my career. I was introduced to Human Design, which turned out to be a true revelation. Today, I support women who wish to know themselves better, understand who they are, meet their authentic selves, and live an aligned and fulfilled life.
Their feedback: they finally comprehend their own operating system through Human Design (a bit like a personalized manual). As such, it gives them the permission they need to be and fully accept who they are.

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Content Manager, French SEO copywritter & Community Manager


Initially, I was a full-time recruiter for ten years. And then the Covid and Cancer combo passed through, upsetting my plans for stability and comfort. I got smacked, hard, in the face, opened my eyes, and once I was in remission, decided it couldn’t continue like this. I quit my job to become a full-time freelance Content Manager.


Working with me is the warrantee of fluid copy, 100% adapted to your needs. I use your words, your style, your verbal habits. In short, quality content (which sells, showcases your expertise, pushing you in the spotlight), 100% unique, sprinkled with good vibes and sparkle of extra soul.

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Organisation, productivity & mindset coach


I worked for over 15 years in the investment + finance industry as a mutual fund account manager, regulatory account manager, KYC analyst, and manager of a team of KYC analysts for France and Europe.


In August 2019, I had a burnout. From there, I decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. Two years later I founded 3A Gestion in April 2021. Now, I help women take action and organize their work + life according to who they are and their situation.


As a result – a direct improvement of their serenity on a daily basis, less mental burden, and an increase in time dedicated to doing what they want. Time to shine as they showcase their talents, to be with their families and loved ones, to grow a business.

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